Jacqueline Taylor - Contemporary Artist of the Everyday

"My work is based around the real lives of people and the places where they exist. I like to base my paintings around the mundane and the relatable. I want the viewers to connect to the people I depict"

Recent Exhibitions 

Home - Manchester Open Exhibition 2022

Featured in Grayson’s Art Club 2020 and part of the exhibition 2021 at the Manchester Art gallery. The work has now been acquired as part of their permanent collection

Home - Manchester Open Exhibition 2020

RA 250th Summer exhibition 2018. 


 My intention of the work is for the viewer to have an understanding of the people I depict, they may be of a different gender, identity, culture, race, class or sexual orientation to the viewer, but I hope for the observer of the work to still relate to them even with the differences they share. I try to guide the viewer of the work to this outcome by placing the subjects in relatable scenes that we are all familiar with.