About Me

 Artist - Jacqueline Taylor

I am a painter who uses oil paint and my work is based around the everyday and the real lives of people and the places where they exist, in the present, the past and within our subconscious or an amalgamation of all three. I like to base my paintings around the mundane and the relatable. In the depiction of the work, I intend to provide a suggestion of the narrative but propose for the viewer to imagine their interpretation of the scene I have painted. My work is influenced by realism and artists from the past that used real-life events, situations or observations that influenced their work.

 My recent work has been a series of paintings that depict the everyday situations of people and the lives most of us live in. The images draw upon the relatable and familiar, I aim for the viewer to feel immersed in the scene and to be amongst the people and to be part of their world and to have an empathetic understanding from their perspective instead of their own.

 My intention of the work is for the viewer to have an understanding of the people I depict, they may be of a different gender, identity, culture, race, class or sexual orientation to the viewer, but I hope for the observer of the work to still relate to them even with the differences they share. I try to guide the viewer of the work to this outcome by placing the subjects in relatable scenes that we are all familiar with.