This artwork is very special to me - it CHANGED  my life. 

 I created this work titled 'Unsociable Media' in 2018 after being at a crossroads in my life.

 Before making this work I needed to try something new, but I was unaware that would be art. I had always considered myself creative but not good at art, as I couldn't draw, let alone paint!!!! 

However, something changed and I started pencil drawings and loved every minute that passed me by, instead of worrying about the little stuff I was focused on the here and now. What led from those first pencil drawings was an experiment with paint and an idea in my head and out of that I made my very first painting titled 'Unsociable Media'


Unsociable Media SOLD 

Oil on stretched canvas - unframed. 

50 x 70 cm
(19.6 x 27.5 in)


All original artworks are signed and come with a signed certificate and statement of authenticity. 


Original pieces are only available to be shipped within the UK. If you live outside the UK and are interested in an original piece of work. Please contact me at  for a price for shipping.  





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